★ О Игре 1 ★
A new game subway spider man in the year 2018 is about subway superhero spider is waiting for you. New Subway Spiders runnig man superhero surfers of the world is the popular action game for all people especially children’s authenticity.
The Mission of this spider a man to eadicate crime and defending the truth,

Subway Spider Runnung who join one of aveng this er team conquer the opponents blocked the bus and train, the first time you run will help Spider a man to save the world. Strengthen him by collecting spiders, he must surf the subway to find coins and magic products (shoes, copters, magnet …)

How to play is very easy, the controller is very adjusting, you stay right swing bwah left right to move the 3D game characters very beautiful subway in the middle of the city, you will be a forest that is running the subway, and there is also a train very good surfing. Play Spider Man Subway, Spider Subway Rush free game and show off Your jumping, dodging and sliding skills to collect coins and get power-up some of the strong.

★ How to Play Subway Sipder Run Adventure :
• Swipe up to jump
• Swipe left, right to change the lane
• Swipe down to slide

Game Features
1- Clean and quality colorful graphics
2- Phone and Tablet support device
3- This game is totally a Free Game fo!
4- Easy and smooth adventure subway
5- New surf version subway scene, amazing underground city and around train station.
6- A different of role station, a cocktail of unique skills
7- Easy and nice operation subway for surf
8- High-quality 3D graphics, amazing environments and amazing sound effects
9- A lot of challenges, stage, obstacles and even trains to pass around subway
10- Nice and Fun for all edge

★ Ссылка на приложение ★

★ Разработчик ★
Makpra dev


★ О Игре 2 ★
Догонялки с Машей – игра по мотивам популярного сериала “Маша и медведь”.
Красочное приложение напомнит нам знаменитые сюжеты, а новый 3D формат позволит нам стать настоящим участником событий.

Наш любимый герой Маша снова попадает в приключения и ему снова нужна наша помощь! Поймать бабочку, собрать гостинцы для Миши, бежать наперегонки и еще много всего интересного.

★ Ссылка на приложение ★

★ Разработчик ★

★ Music from Epidemic Sound ★

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